Zone3 Vanquish X Wetsuit

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Vanquish X Wetsuit
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Zone3 Vanquish X Wetsuit

Designed to be the fastest wetsuit out there, the Zone3 Vanquish X is sure to enhance performance. Although it retains much of the technology seen in the original Vanquish, there are a number of significant updates alongside two completely new materials. 

Yamamoto Bio-Rubber is a cutting-edge, infrared-emitting material and is used in the thigh panels to improve blood flow while reducing fatigue and lactic acid, ensuring power outputs are maximised when you come out of the water. The upper body makes use of an Alpha Titanium lining, a five-layered structure that incorporates neoprene, titanium alloy and synthetic fibres. The result is up to 40% more warmth with no compromise to buoyancy or flexibility. 

The wetsuit brings together strategically placed panels incorporating a number of different technologies and varying thicknesses to offer flexibility, buoyancy and support exactly where it's needed. On the front of the legs, Aerodome, which includes air bubbles between layers of fabric, keeps the suit's weight down and buoyancy up. NBR, another buoyant material often used in life jackets, is sandwiched between neoprene layers for even more support.

The laser-bonded neck panel and 1.5mm moulded collar maximise comfort, while an X-10 Extreme one-piece shoulder panel using SCS 1mm Yamamoto SCS nano material creates more stretch across the torso and, consequently, energy is conserved and stroke length is enhanced for faster swim times. 


  • New, technologically advanced Yamamoto Bio-Rubber material on the thighs improves blood flow
  • New Alpha Titanium lining on the upper body improves circulation and warmth
  • New Silk X lining aids smoother transitions and provides unrivalled comfort
  • BRE (Body Rotation Enhancement) is positioned on the chest to improve distance per stroke by limiting body rotation in the water
  • X-10 Extreme one-piece shoulder with new #40 SCS 1mm Yamamoto SCS nano material for more stretch across the torso
  • Maximum buoyancy with Aerodome and NBR panels
  • BRS Mark 0.3mm SCS on the sleeves for ultra-lightweight arm rotation
  • Cool-spot forearm panels for improved feel and catch in the water
  • Laser-cut, ultra-thin neck panel and innovative 1.5mm moulded collar for comfort and performance
  • Limited edition Zone3 Vanquish X dry bag included

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