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Whatever the time of day and whatever the conditions a set of bike lights will keep you seen, and safe. The choice is huge, with a host of features and power outputs to look out for. When street lighting is present, a rear light and a front light to 'be seen' will do the job, whereas in darker areas you need a more powerful light that'll show the way ahead. For riding off-road, whether that be gravel cycling or mountain biking, sufficient lights can be as bright as car headlights and are often fixed to the helmet.

Where will you be riding?

Bike Lights to Be Seen

Urban Cycling Bike Lights - To Be Seen

Even when street lighting is present, you still legally need front and rear lights. Fewer lumens - between 100 and 200 - will often suffice in these instances. Not just for riding at night, we would still recommend lights when your commute is during daylight. Many models offer a daytime mode that's designed to specifically cut through distractions, and this feature is well worth looking out for. We have a great selection of lights to choose from so you're sure to find something that'll maximise your safety. 

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Our Favourite Bike Lights for Urban Riding

Rural Cycling Bike Lights - To See

Rural Cycling Bike Lights - To See

Should you ride down darker roads you will require more lumens. A front light will not only ensure you're seen by others but one that will also illuminate the road ahead when there are fewer or no street lights in the vicinity. Somewhere between 400 and 800 lumens is a good place to aim, so you'll be able to spot hazards and corners coming up ahead. Browse our range at Sigma Sports and stay safe on your commute or night ride. 

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Our Favourite Bike Lights for Rural Riding

Bike Lights for riding off road

Bike Lights for Riding Off-Road

When it comes to riding off-road at night, the brighter the front light the better. Mountain biking in the dark can be exhilarating, and you'll want the best light you can afford. We'd recommend looking for a light with over 1500 lumens and with a good run time and wide beam pattern. There are plenty of other features to look out for too, so browse our range and discover what's available.

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Our Favourite Bike Lights for Riding off Road

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