Date:  Saturday 4th June 2022

Time:  Meet at 9am for a 9:15am departure

Where: Sigma Sports Store, Oakham, Rutland 


The wait is over, our first Rutland gravel ride is departing from our Oakham based store on Saturday 4th June. Free to join, follow the link above to sign up for one of our two different groups leaving the store. Each ride will have a non-drop policy, with the focus of this ride being to meet new people and explore the local trails.

There are two fantastic routes on offer, with group one tackling a 47 kilometre route and group two, a slightly shorter, yet equally as exhilarating 44 kilometre route west from the Sigma Sports Oakham store.

Whether you have a gravel, mountain or electric mountain or gravel bike, all are welcome on our ride.

Please note: Both routes will be weather dependent and we will be flexible and will take into account the technical ability of riders on the day.

Please review our Terms and Conditions before registering for our ride.


We look forward to riding with you.



The ride will be split into two groups:

Group one. This is ideal for those who are confident riding on gravel.


Group two. This is perfect for those new to gravel and who would like to gain a bit more experience.

We look forward to riding with you.

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