Time:  Meet at 7.45am for an 8am departure
Where: Sigma Sports Store, Hampton Wick, Surrey

Join us on Sunday, 22nd March for a morning social spin out towards the charming town of Ripley.

To keep you fuelled for those 46km in length and 250m of elevation, we’ve got some great tasting and all natural Clif Bar nutrition on hand. Made with real ingredients you can see and taste, the bars contain protein and fibre to keep you going for longer.

The ride will start outside the Sigma Sports store at 8am and will head out through Molesey and Weybridge before reaching West Byfleet and Ripley. Once we have stopped for a recovery snack in Ripley, we will head back through Cobham and Esher to our store, where you’ll be able to join our Ride Captains for a coffee.

Speed Levels

The ride will be split into two groups:

Group 1, averaging 18-19mph (30kph).This group will be perfect for those looking for a simple, social ride but still want to get home in time for lunch. If you find yourself towards the back of the group, you're welcome to hang back and wait for Group 2 to sweep you up.


Group 2, averaging 16-17mph (27kph, which is perfect for anyone new to the sport, or even for those who have been riding for a while but haven't ridden in a group before and would like to gain a bit more experience.

We look forward to riding with you.

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