A relatively new brand to the cycling world, Fabric has produced some exciting new products for 2016. Keen to see what's in store for the new year we headed over to the launch find out more.

Fabric Chamber Multi-Tool and CO2/Lever Kit

Rummaging around in your saddle bag or jersey pocket will be a thing of the past with the Fabric CO2/Lever Kit. The two tyre levers and CO2 canister is easy to store and is held together by a durable and thick silicone band.

Small but mighty, the Fabric Chamber Multi Tool comes in both a ratchet and fixed head version, with both containing 13 useful tools. Unlike conventional multi tools, the Chamber’s versatile design allows you to get to those normally hard to reach places. The system includes everything from allen keys to screwdrivers and packs all this into an ultra-lightweight case.

Fabric Cageless Water Bottle

Simple and sturdy, the Fabric Cageless Water Bottle does away with the humble bottle cage and combines it into the bottle itself. Supplied with two small bosses, which slot seamlessly into the specially designed bottle, this minimalist setup is cheaper than a traditional bottle and cage and is also lighter.

Fabric Cell Saddle

Designed for those who like to spend long days in the saddle, the new Fabric Cell has a futuristic design, unique Hex-air cells to offer air-sprung support and a Waterproof TPU rubber cover, which gives its out of this world look.

Fabric Line Saddle

The Fabric Line Saddle features a central relief channel, which reduces pressure on the pudendal artery. Supportive, with lightweight padding, the Line is perfect for clocking up the miles in comfort. The vacuum bonded design gives the Line its clean look and the Hollow Cro-mo rails add strength and reduce weight.

Fabric Tri Saddle

A high-performance saddle, designed for triathletes and time trialists, the Tri saddle is the shortest saddle in Fabric’s range and features a central relief channel to help reduce pressure on the lower regions. The Built-in transition zone hanger, carefully placed drainage channels and clip-on bottle holder make it the perfect saddle for those looking to compete.

Fabric Bar Tape

Fabric offers some of the most eye-catching handlebar tapes on the market and their new silicone tape is no exception. Easier to keep clean than traditional tape, the material absorbs shocks and is easy to wrap.

For those looking for a premium finish, the ALM tape is made from high-quality buffalo leather and is finished with a laser engraved logo.