Through a wet and windy season your waterproof and water resistant kit can start to become more permeable to liquid penetration. That is where Muc-Off's Fabric Protect steps in. With just three sprays Muc-Off proclaim that their Fabric Protect will provide a lasting barrier to any water.

Intrigued and in some serious need of some protection from the incessant rain I decided to put the spray to the test.

Muc Off Fabric Protect can

Fabric Protect uses a clear hydrophobic coating to form an invisible barrier over your clothing. The clear nature of the spray means that it can be used on a wide range of clothing materials as it will not stain or discolour. The spray can be safely applied to leather, suede, cotton, polyester and breathable fabrics.

Application is easy; simply spray on three coats - one every ten minutes and leave to dry for 24 hours. I have to confess that waterproofing your clothes with Fabric Protect becomes quite addictive. Not in the CFC solvent abuse kind of way, (although it should be noted that the Fabric Protect is best applied in a well-ventilated area as it is very pungent) but in the fact that having waterproof trainers, jeans and hats can become a popular party trick.

Muc Off Fabric Protect spray

Care should be taken when applying the fabric protect around glued on logos and reflective elements as the solvent part of the spray can dissolve the logos right off if you are too over enthusiastic. A lighter dusting over these types of print is advised and it is best to check the detailed instructions on the can's label for a full rundown of what not to spray.

For active wear I tested the Fabric Protect on a pair of overshoes and leg warmers. It has been over a month of use now, both in the wet and the dry, and the water-repellant coating is still standing up against the cruel January showers. Rain and road spray simply beads straight off - a definite welcome characteristic for commuter riders as drying your clothes day in and day out can become rather tiresome to say the least.

Muc Off Fabric Protect water

It is not only water that just beads off sprayed surfaces. Wet mud and general road grit slips straight off too, making the Fabric Protect especially useful for those of us that spend a lot of time on the bike through the winter months.


Overall, Muc-Off's Fabric Protect is a more than compelling enhancer of any rider's kit. Once you have waterproofed all of your kit you will quickly want to move onto your casual clothes. That is just how effective and versatile the Fabric Protect is. The fact that it is so quick and easy to apply and that the treatment lasts for a good long time makes it a difficult product to overlook when it comes to fast and frugal means of protecting yourself from the elements.