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100% Speedcraft XS Replacement Lens

£35.00 - £71.00
MSP £70.00
Speedcraft XS Replacement Lens

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Product ID: 1208390

100% Speedcraft XS Replacement Lens

Bumping up contrast, improving colour and boosting details, the 100% Speedcraft XS Replacement Lens filters the sun's rays to enhance detail and definition out on the road or trail when attached to your 100% Speedcraft XS Sunglasses. Designed to cater for a wide range of conditions, the polycarbonate lens is shatterproof as well as scratch and impact resistant. A HYDROILO oil-and water-repelling coating keeps your vision clear while 100% ultraviolet filtration has been added to help with the health of your eyes.

Lens Details

  • Photochromic Clear/Smoke: VLT 16 - 76% / Base Lens - Clear / Light Conditions - Mixed
  • HiPER Blue Multilayer Mirror: VLT 12% / Base Lens - Rose / Light Conditions - Sunny
  • HiPER Silver Mirror: VLT 14% / Base Lens - Rose / Light Conditions - Sunny/Mixed
  • Clear: VLT 93% / Base Lens - Clear / Light Conditions - Cloudy
  • Low Light Yellow Silver Mirror: VLT 63% / Light Conditions - Cloudy


  • The HiPER lens is 100%'s proprietary high-definitions lens technology that ramps up contrast, amps up colours and enhances detail so you miss nothing
  • Selectively filters rays that increase detail and definition for greater depth perception, sharpening your surroundings so you see more of what matters
  • Ideal for all conditions, the HiPER is a versatile performer and your go-to choice for when you don't know what they day's going to throw at you
  • Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof, scratch and impact resistant with a HYDROILO oil-and water-repelling coating that keeps lenses clearer longer and protects the mirror coatings
  • Complete 100% ultraviolet filtration to keep your eyes healthy and advanced blue light filtration for reduced visual fatigue
  • Optically flawless lenses provide unmatched clarity and colour enhancement with zero distortion
  • HiPER Silver Mirror Lens Filter Category 3, Light Transmission 14%
  • HiPER Red Mirror Filter Category 2, Light Transmission 21%
  • Designed in California, crafted in France

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