Aeroe Spider Rear Cradle



Spider Rear Cradle

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Aeroe Spider Rear Cradle

When you're gearing up for longer bike rides or need to carry extra gear, simply add an additional Spider Cradle to your Spider Rear Rack. While your Spider Rear Rack comes equipped with one Cradle, you have the option to attach up to two additional cradles (max 3 on one rack), allowing you to effortlessly transport up to 16kg of gear.

These additional cradles can be mounted vertically or horizontally, with the flexibility to rotate up to 90 degrees to accommodate any heel and post dropper clearance, as well as any type of bike. Built-in nylon straps ensure your gear stays secure and evenly distributed across your bike, giving you the confidence to ride with ease.

Whether your adventure lasts three days or thirty, your bike gear should never limit your exploration. Let your gear inspire the extent of your journey.

Experience the freedom to embark on epic adventures with the flexibility and reliability of the Spider Cradle, designed to enhance your biking experience and broaden your horizons.


  • Weight - 338g (0.75lb) (includes built-in straps), adding minimal weight to your bike setup
  • Load Capacity - Each cradle can support up to 5kgs (11lbs) of gear, providing ample storage for your essentials
  • Materials - Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, anodised aluminium, glass-reinforced nylon, and equipped with silicone-coated straps, ensuring durability and reliability

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