Aeroe Spider Rear Pannier Rack



Spider Rear Pannier Rack

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Aeroe Spider Rear Pannier Rack

Introducing the latest addition to the Spider series, this rack serves as the foundation of the Aeroe system, compatible with any brand's pannier bags. Featuring in-built top rails and a lower anti-sway pannier catch, it ensures panniers remain securely in place during both weekday commutes and weekend trails. Experience the freedom of taking the scenic route home from your commute or exploring trails, knowing your cargo is protected against bumps along the way. Additionally, the base rack is compatible with all other Aeroe accessories. Easily switch between setups by swapping out your pannier receiver for a Spider Rear Cradle or Quick Mount Pod for weekend rides, or transfer the quick-release rack between bikes for ultimate versatility.


  • Transform any eMTB or MTB bike into a commute or adventure-ready machine, without the need for inbuilt mounts or fiddly axle mounting
  • Compatible with any brand of pannier for flexible carrying options
  • Adjustable positions to accommodate small, full suspension frames and bikes with dropper posts
  • Designed for everyday commuting and rugged mountain biking alike
  • Easily swap out accessories and cradles to suit your adventure
  • Ensures your gear and rack remain secure and stable, regardless of the terrain you tackle

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