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Assos CS Speedfire Chronosuit S7 Skinsuit

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In a world where 1st and 2nd place can be decided by milliseconds, the Assos CS Speedfire Chronosuit s7 Skinsuit is the perfect choice during full-gas, flat-out time trials.

Using Assos’ renowned research and technology in aerodynamics, this skinsuit combines a performance orientated S7 insert, bonded, raw cut seams and a flush sitting construction - keeping you faster and more efficient than ever before.

Assos CS Speedfire Chronosuit S7 Skinsuit

Derived from the need to go fast, stay fast and increase efficiency, the Assos CS Speedfire Chronosuit s7 Skinsuit uses market-leading technology to cut through the air like a hot knife through butter, allowing you to use less energy in your pursuit for the top step of the podium. Used by Fabian Cancellara in his Olympic gold medal of 2016, as well as USA Cycling’s riders, this speedsuit is ideal for the discerning, experienced cyclist who’s looking to shave valuable seconds off their time.

Assos admit it was hard work to create such a fast speedsuit, and every ounce of research from ‘Project Fenonomeno’ has been injected into this product. Everything from the S7 insert which provides optimum levels of support and comfort, to the meticulous fabric panels, all work together to enhance speed in every aspect.

Sitting incredibly tight to the skin, using a lower neck, narrower shoulders and slightly further forward S7 insert position, makes everything attribute to the performance, and wind-tunnel design and testing proves just how fast it is. Its minimalist design ensures the only thing fighting the wind is your body shape, and over long distances where other materials will sag and start a parachute effect, this skinsuit stays strong because of its incredible durability.

A bonded elastic zip allows for even more aggressive positions, and there’s even a radio pocket bonded into the main fabric for your DS to support you (if you’re so lucky). Raw cut legs with raw cut seams further reduces drag - which may not seem like a lot, but in a race where milliseconds are the difference between 1st and 2nd, you’ll need these incremental advantages.


  • Aerodynamically optimised and wind tunnel-developed material
  • Aggressive cut for the perfect fit in the most aerodynamic positions
  • Leverages the technology developed in the Project Fenomeno
  • Uses the S7 generation of insert at its core
  • Raw-cut legs for increased performance
  • Distinctive ASSOS monogram graphics

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