Assos Dyora RS S9 Womens Winter Bib Tight

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Dyora RS S9 Womens Winter Bib Tight

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Assos Dyora RS S9 Womens Winter Bib Tight

With state-of-the-art materials linked together within a sophisticated design, the Assos Dyora RS S9 Women's Winter Bib Tight helps the rider battle the most inclement months of the year. The forward-facing knee, thigh, crotch and hip panels utilise a cosy double layer of materials that includes a membrane-equipped SPHERE Ultra outer face and an insulating OSMOS Heavy inner lining. The rear panels are realised in SPHERE Medium fabric that is warming but highly breathable to prevent overheating, while waterBarrier lower legs seal out icy wheel spray and smooth the junction with overshoes.

rollBar bib straps support the bib tight on the torso without causing any restriction and feature carbon fibres in their weave to combat the build-up of bacteria. These bib straps combine with the A-Lock framework pattern to securely hold the DYORA RS seat pad in position whether the rider is in or out of the saddle. The seat pad comprises superAir microShock foam in a 3D waffle pattern to cushion the sit bones and damp road vibrations. In addition, a part-stitchless Golden Gate format links the seat pad to the tight, permitting it to glide with the movements of the legs to minimise the incidence of chafing.


  • A highly technical bib tight that protects the legs during harsh winter riding
  • The front facing knee, thigh, crotch and hip panels use a SPHERE Ultra material outer layer backed with brushed, insulating OSMOS Heavy fabric
  • On the rear panels, SPHERE medium is employed to insulate but promote extra breathability
  • Both materials have a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment
  • waterBarrier lower legs repels wheel spray and keeps overshoes perfectly positioned
  • A-Lock framework provides an exact fit and supports the seat pad
  • rollBar bib straps grant a stable fit without restricting or irritating
  • The “X” construction of the bib straps lies perfectly flat on the body without irritating
  • Carbon fibres in the bib straps are antibacterial
  • Ultralight silicone leg grippers
  • The DYORA RS seat pad has an antibacterial top layer
  • superAir microShock foam in the seat pad absorbs vibrations from the roads
  • A 3D waffle construction to the seat pad increases breathability
  • The part-stitchless Golden Gate seat pad concept allows the pad to glide with the rider’s movements

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