Assos Equipe R S9 Bib Short

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Equipe R S9 Bib Short

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Assos Equipe R S9 Bib Short

Assos’ Equipe R S9 Bib Short might be the entry-level product in their Race Series, but it still has an impressive array of features and an enviable heritage.

The main fabric is Type.443, which is compressive and abrasion-resistant, shaped to provide support to the leg muscles whilst pedalling. Assos’ X-Frame suspension design prevents the rear of the short from sagging and also adds stability to the pad so that it stays in the right place whether in or out of the saddle and the lightweight straps are monofilament elastic so that they dry quickly. Across the waist, the zeroPressure concept ensures excellent comfort, with the broad, elasticated area reducing any pressure across the front of the short.

Whether racing or training, the Shock-Absorb Damping Mono 9 insert provides incredible comfort, no matter how long or hot the ride. A three-layer, 3D Waffle construction improves breathability and airflow whilst the goldenGate idea only has the pad anchored at the front and rear so that it can float and move with the body through the pedal stroke.


  • zeroPressure waist
  • Ultralight leg grippers
  • X-Frame: A-frame suspension inherited from the EQUIPE RS line that limits sag on the lower back and stabilises the insert
  • Monofilament elastic in the bib straps reduces weight and dries faster than dual-layer models
  • Type.443 is a compressive, abrasion-resistant warp-knit fabric that is ultra-breathable and ultra-supportive with UPF 50+
  • Micro-adjusted shaping wraps the large muscles with compressive support
  • Shock-Absorb Damping Mono 9: Compressive foam layers in a 9mm endurance platform
  • Thermoformed shaping reduces ridges and irritation
  • goldenGate: The stitching pattern anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, letting it move with the body rather than against it
  • 3D Waffle: A patented, three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight
  • racingFit

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