Assos UMA GTV Womens Bib Shorts C2 EVO


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UMA GTV Womens Bib Shorts C2 EVO

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Assos UMA GTV Womens Bib Shorts C2 EVO

Introducing Assos's  UMA GTV Womens Bib Shorts C2 EVO, the pinnacle of the UMA GT endurance line, engineered to elevate freedom and comfort during your longest rides. Featuring a quick-release bib strap system and luxurious women’s insert, the GTV redefines endurance cycling.

This new generation of GTV brings essential updates for enhanced comfort, including a redesigned waist construction and a plush women-specific insert. The waist is crafted from a lighter textile with increased elasticity, providing supportive yet unrestricted fit across all riding positions. The new insert boasts dual layers of shock-absorbing foam, offering targeted support under the ischial bones, while two additional cut-ins minimize bulk at the front, ensuring seamless body conformity throughout the pedal stroke.

Innovatively designed with the bisiClick system, two magnetic closures enable convenient bib strap release, ideal for long-distance rides.

Pair these bib shorts with a Summer Skin Layer and the UMA GTV Jersey C2 for optimal endurance performance. Constructed with Volkano body textile for silky-smooth elasticity, compression, and UPF 50+, and ClickFit textile for breathable support at the waist, the GTV ensures comfort during intense efforts.

Built with C2 AEPD regularFit, balancing performance and comfort with a zeroPressure Waist and standard leg length, the GTV offers the ultimate endurance cycling experience.


  • Bisiclick: Twin magnetic closures anchor the lower bib straps. Intuitive to connect and release, but secure enough to prevent unintentional unclasping
  • X-Frame : An A-frame suspension inherited from DYORA RS. Limits sag on the lower back, stabilizing the insert and main body panel during high-intensity riding
  • UPF 50+
  • rollBar: A patented bracing design that stabilizes the insert and locks it in place as your weight transfers while sprinting, climbing, and cornering
  • UMA C2 Ultra Distance - Shock-Absorb Damping Twin19: A dual-layer construction combining 9mm of high-density microShock foam with 10mm of ultralight filterFoam under the ischial bones.
  • 3D Waffle: A patented, three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
  • goldenGate 2.0: The insert is attached at front and rear with floating sides and center, letting it move with your body
  • Cut-outs on wings reduce volume and friction.
  • whirlKrater Perforations strategically distributed throughout the chamois

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