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Assos Womens Chamois Cream 75ml

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Womens Chamois Cream 75ml

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Chamois cream is essential to increase comfort during long days in the saddle, and, applied pre-ride, the Assos Womens Chamois Creme 75ml will protect the skin from irritation due to friction.

The formula is suitable for the most sensitive skin and will also rehydrate and replenish this sensitive area.

Assos Womens Chamois Creme 75ml

The Assos Womens Chamois Creme 75ml has been developed after years of research and Assos Chamois Creme has been a popular choice of cyclists worldwide for over ten years.

This highly sensitive formula can be used by men and women but has been designed for the specific pH of a woman. It replenishes and rehydrates the sensitive area where friction is common and bacteria can build up, to reduce the chance of irritation and rubbing.

This ultra-luxe cycling essential contains natural extracts to keep you comfortable so you can focus on enjoying your ride without developing discomfort or saddle sores.

Application: It is recommended to apply a light layer directly onto the skin where the chamois sits, or onto the chamois pad/insert itself.


  • Natural extracts
  • Highly sensitive formula
  • Prevents soreness and chafing
  • Increases comfort in the saddle

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