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BBB BTL-50 ChainGrip 135mm

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BTL-50 ChainGrip 135mm

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Product ID: 639880

The BBB BTL-50 ChainGrip 135mm is designed to keep tension on your chain when the rear wheel is removed.

This stops the chain rubbing against the chainstays and covering them with oil. It also makes it substantially easier to clean the chain and entirety of the rear end of the bike.

BBB BTL-50 ChainGrip 135mm

The BBB BTL-50 ChainGrip 135mm is BBB’s solution to an age-old cleaning dilemma. When taking your rear wheel out to clean your bike, your chain will drop down and rub against the chainstays, making your bike dirtier than it was before. With this device, your chain will be kept in place and your disc brake pads will stay protected.

Simply take your wheel out, put the BBB BTL-50 ChainGrip 135mm in as if you were putting your wheel in, and slot the disc brake pad into the disc brake.

Please note, this product is designed for mountain bikes with disc brakes, not for road bikes.


  • Quick-release axle system
  • Keeps the chain under tension when the wheel is removed
  • Makes for easy transportation and cleaning
  • Sizes: 135mm
  • Keeps the brake pads in place when the disc is removed

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