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Bike Box Alan Aero Easyfit Bike Box

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This item is no longer available to buy. View similar products.

Product ID: 1073846

Following on from the award-winning original Bike Box Alan Premium, the Aero Easyfit makes travelling with your bike even easier.

Being the biggest box available, you can get away with just taking off your wheels and pedals with almost any bike. Designed to meet the needs of modern TT and road bikes that often have integrated components, you can generally leave the handlebar and saddle in place, making packing quick and eliminating the need to set up everything again at the other end.

Includes Bike Box Alan Aero Easyfit Bike Box, anti-crush pole and two layers of foam padding.

Bike Box Alan Aero Easyfit Bike Box

Reducing the hassle of getting your equipment ready for a holiday or race abroad, the Bike Box Alan Aero Easyfit is big enough to accommodate the vast majority of road and tri bikes without having to remove the handlebar, saddle and seatpost. The box is also suitable for mountain bikes. The construction is based on the original Bike Box Alan Premium but there's more than enough space for not only your bike but kit too. Wheels fit into the recesses on either side of the box.

With many modern TT and road bikes now having integrated components and setups dialled into the millimetre, you can now keep everything together and in one piece, and the box can be packed and ready in minutes. Everything is secured using cushioned velcro straps, with two layers of foam padding adding additional protection. The anti-crush pole will stay in place if airport security opens the box, and you can even leave your tubeless road tyres pumped up to 95% pressure to prevent loss of puncture sealant.

Solid disc racing wheels are safely secured in the wheel recess in the base of the bike box, cassette facing the outside of the bike box. The anti-crush pole cannot be used when transporting a rear disc wheel. However, the box casing is double the thickness of others so still gives the maximum protection that can be afforded. It's recommended that you add a little extra padding using your kit, or ordering an extra layer of foam.


  • Riders 180cm / 5' 11” or less, with a road or triathlon bike, just remove wheels and pedals. If your bike has an integrated seat post, your saddle can remain in place.
  • Riders over 180cm / 5' 11” with a road or triathlon bike may also have to remove the rear derailleur or lower the seat post, or a combination of both. If your bike has an integrated seat post, you will have to remove your saddle.
  • Riders over 190cm / 6' 3” using large and extra-large TT bikes may have to reduce the reach of the TT bars. If your bike has an integrated seat post, please contact us as you may need to remove other parts.
  • Thru-axles: These wheels are secured in the wheel recesses on each side of the bike box with cushioned Velcro straps. The axles can remain in the bike frame for safekeeping.
  • Deep section wheels and disc brake wheels: All deep-section wheels and disc brake wheels fit in the Easyfit.
  • Tubeless road tyres: Fit comfortably into the wheel indents on both sides of the Easyfit bike box. For safety remove 5% of air pressure. This will also avoid you losing liquid puncture sealant as the tyre seal will remain intact.

If you're unsure if this bike box will be suitable for your bike, please contact us for assistance.


  • Bike Box Alan Aero Easyfit Bike Box
  • Anti-crush pole
  • Two layers of foam padding


  • Designed to accommodate the latest generation of high-end triathlon, TT, aero bikes, large frames, 29er MTB, 26B plus-sized mountain bikes, tri-bars and bikes with fully integrated cabling, as well as regular road and tri bikes
  • The Easyfit is also designed for regular road bikes, the larger enduro MTBs, gravel, and cyclocross bikes, plus some types of touring bikes
  • Minimal dismantling - only requires wheels and pedals removing
  • Only takes a few minutes to pack
  • Cushioned black velcro securing straps
  • Black clasps
  • Tubeless road and MTB tyres can remain inflated
  • Spacious interior
  • Registered design
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • Approximate dimensions: L 133cm x H 94cm x W 50cm
  • Approximate weight: 13kg
  • Includes: Anti-crush pole and two layers of foam padding

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