Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 2-Way Tubeless Disc Wheelset

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Bora WTO 33 2-Way Tubeless Disc Wheelset

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Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 2-Way Tubeless Wheelset

The Bora WTO 33 stands out amongst the current line-up for its extreme versatility. While certainly not the only element in an efficient wheel, the rim is certainly the largest component in the build and as a result the recipient of a great deal of attention in terms of development. The Campagnolo carbon fibre Bora (tm) WTO rims represent the maximum in terms of not only aerodynamic profile design but versatile aerodynamic design. If a wheel is to provide greater aero efficiency it must do so in real world conditions which present many variables and very few constants. Mother Nature does not create wind in a uniform manner or from the same direction. At the same time, racecourses aren't typically straight nor do riders maintain a perfect position as if in the wind tunnel atop a trainer. With that in mind, Campagnolo engineers set about to account for all of these variables in what has come to represent perhaps the most comprehensive aerodynamic study ever performed by the company to produce wheels that are WIND TUNNEL OPTIMIZED for real world conditions.


  • The rim design enables the maximum amount of aerodynamic penetration when the wind angle is between 12 deg and 19 deg, making it a thrust for triathlon athletes. The streamlined design of the central part of the hub decreases the frontal area of the component whilst the special design of the flanges favours airflow detachment. The 18-spoke elliptical cross section in the front and 21-spoke rear cross section in the rear result in a far superior rolling resistance of the cross sections compared to competitor wheels.
  • The well-known USB cup and cone bearing system guarantees smoothness in the ceramic bearings. The 2-Way Fit profile allows you to mount either a clincher tyre or a tubeless tyre with less rolling resistance The C19 class allows you to mount tyres from 23, 25 to 28mm, with perfect pairing of the rim-tyre system.
  • Campagnolo's readability remains high despite the focus on aerodynamics. The wheel structure enables reducing energy dissipation, transferring all the energy produced by the cyclist to the asphalt.

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