Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12S Right Hydraulic Lever/Front 160 Caliper

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Super Record EPS 12S Right Hydraulic Lever/Front 160 Caliper

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Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12S Right Hydraulic Lever/Front 160 Caliper

Part of Campagnolo’s pinnacle groupset, the Super Record EPS 12S Right Hydraulic Lever/Front 160 Caliper combination affords serious road riders the very best gear shift and brake performance. The lever is designed with an ergonomic profile to grant excellent grip, comfort and control, and integrates two EPS electronic gear shift buttons. These waterproof buttons precisely actuate the 12-speed rear derailleur and can be tuned via the MyCampy app to offer personalised gear shifting behaviour. The buttons feature Multi-Dome technology to provide tactile feedback as gear changes occur, while the MODE button, also situated on the lever, allows gear adjustment, battery checking and system diagnostics mid-ride.

The carbon brake lever has an adjustable reach format so that it perfectly suits a range of hand sizes and works in tandem with the flat-mount hydraulic disc brake caliper to result in powerful, precise braking in all weather conditions. This front brake caliper is designed to work specifically with 160mm rotors and possesses a 22mm piston with frictionless return to heighten control. Braking vibration at high speeds is reduced by placing a special metal plate between the piston and the pad.


  • Right hand 12-speed ergo lever that actuates the rear derailleur
  • Front hydraulic disc brake caliper with pads, compatible with 160mm rotors only
  • Hydraulic disc brake hose


  • A top-of-the-range 12-speed rear derailleur gear shift/brake lever and front hydraulic disc brake caliper combination
  • The lever forms part of the EPS electronic gear shift system that provides increased shifting accuracy and reliability
  • Multishifting technology allows single rear derailleur gear changes or shifts across up to 11 sprockets with one button press
  • The system works with the MyCampy app allowing riders to personalise the gear shifting behaviour
  • Multi-Dome technology has achieved the perfect balance between force used and tactile feedback, allowing cyclists to feel when a gear shifts
  • The MODE button on the gear lever lets the cyclist check battery charge, make accurate adjustments to gears or derailleurs (even while pedalling) and carry out any kind of diagnostic check
  • The EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards of waterproofing
  • The ergonomic design of the hoods and brake lever offer increased comfort, control and grip
  • Adjustable reach brake lever accommodates all hand sizes allowing controlled braking
  • The flat-mount front hydraulic disc brake caliper guarantees powerful and precise braking in all conditions
  • 22mm diameter brake piston increases control
  • Frictionless brake pad return optimises feel
  • A metal plate positioned between the pad and the caliper piston reduces braking vibration
  • Brake pad wear indicators alert when replacement is needed
  • Interchangeable spare parts: pads, cylinder, screws and bolts are all available aftermarket
  • The front disc brake caliper is specifically designed for 160mm diameter disc brake rotors (available separately)

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