Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless 12-Speed Cassette

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Super Record EPS Wireless 12-Speed Cassette

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Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless 12-Speed Cassette

Campagnolo's unwavering commitment to extensive research and rigorous real-world testing propels this wireless groupset into a realm of technological innovation. Crafted without compromise, this premium design embodies the essence of peak performance.

Born from collaboration with athletes and engineers of the AG2R Citroen Team, this cassette remains faithful to Campagnolo's 'Dream Bigger' ethos, centered on ingenuity and distinguishing oneself from the crowd. Crafted from the highest specification carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum, it achieves maximum functionality with minimal weight.

Revolutionized Gear Ratios

An engineering masterpiece optimized for precision shifting. The Super Record Wireless introduces a new gear transmission system, offering an extended range of meters of development. Swift sprints and smoother climbs are achieved. Every detail, from tooth design to cassette geometry, is refined to ensure seamless shifts and unparalleled efficiency.

Engineered for the Perfect Cadence

Effortlessly sync your movements with your bike's smooth progression, fine-tune your gear ratio to shift by one, two, or three teeth, and discover your ideal combination. The Super Record Wireless cassette facilitates the perfect cadence, allowing you to become truly in sync with your bike.

N3W Compatibility

The Super Record Wireless seamlessly pairs with the N3W freewheel body – Campagnolo's patented standard hub. A trifecta of lightness, stiffness, and smoothness is meticulously engineered to deliver graceful and satisfying motion.

Seamless App Integration

Elevate your riding experience with the cutting-edge MyCampy app. Designed for effortless utility, this app allows you to fine-tune controls, monitor your progress, and keep track of battery status – all at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Experience the pinnacle of performance with the Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless 12-Speed Cassette.





  • Three sets and improved gear ratio combinations to deliver unrivaled cadence and optimal tempo
  • Smoother shifting experience courtest of new teeth geometry designed on the chain path
  • Perfect cadence: New gear combinations enable fast up and downshifting with an extremely smooth fluid gear-inch ratio and guarantee constant cadence in any situation
  • N3W Standard freewheel body
  • 10T Cog
  • 2x12 Speed Crankset
  • Shifting experience: Wireless
  • Materials: Aluminium
  • IP69K: Maximum water pressure resistance class
  • E- Bike Compatible: Yes
  • Discipline: Road
  • Weight: 210g

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