Cannondale Scoop Cromo Radius Saddle


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Scoop Cromo Radius Saddle

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Cannondale Scoop Cromo Radius Saddle

Whether you're pushing the limits at a party pace or racing full throttle, the Scoop saddle strikes the perfect balance between comfort and speed, making it ideal for road, trail, or gravel adventures. Featuring chromoly 7mm rails, a reinforced nylon base, and a microfiber cover, the Scoop delivers durability with a weight of 275g. With a generous width of 142mm and a length of 282mm, it provides a dialed-in comfort that doesn't compromise on speed. As the proud winner of multiple comparison tests and design awards, the Scoop stands out for its ability to cater to varied cyclists and cycling needs, offering a perfect blend of comfort and performance.

Built smart with a three-part construction that earned an award for innovation in manufacturing, the Scoop is a testament to its lightweight, durable, and comfortable design. To further customize your comfort, the Scoop saddle is available in two profile shapes. The "Shallow" profile strikes a balance, accommodating movement between aggressive and upright positions, while the "Radius" profile is tailored for more upright riding, delivering cruising comfort as its primary goal. Elevate your cycling experience with the Scoop, where innovation meets versatility for a saddle that adapts to your every ride.


  • Rails: chromoly 7mm
  • Width: 142mm
  • Length: 282mm
  • Weight: 275g
  • Base: reinforced nylon / cover: microfiber
  • Profile: radius

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