Cannondale Spiderings Kit Chainrings

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Spiderings Kit Chainrings

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The Cannondale Spiderings Kit Chainrings afford the cyclist the ability to cut the slack and excess weight from their drivetrain in one swift and intelligent move.

Combining the spider with the chainring, this innovative solution weighs just 160 grams in all and provides the same strong, reliable transmission that you would expect from the likes of Cannondale.

Cannondale Spiderings Kit Chainrings

The Cannondale Spiderings Kit Chainrings allow the rider to reduce significantly the weight of their drivetrain by combining their components into one supremely engineered, strong and durable chainring combination compatible with Cannondale's Hollowgram cranksets.

Made for use with 10 and 11-speed cassettes, the Spiderings Kit Chainrings do away with the need for separate spider arms and chainrings, instead of combining the two parts to provide one chainset that comes in at a frightfully impressive 160 grams in all. Combining the two elements into one, this drivetrain option mounts simply with Cannondale specific tools and is machined to provide the cleanest possible shifting.

Ultralight thanks to its innovative 3D forged, 10-arm design, this ring and spider isn't just a solidly constructed option for your pride and joy, but, quite a work of mechanical beauty, and certainly a standout component on any frameset it adorns.


  • OPI SL SpideRing
  • Features a 3D-forged, 10-arm design
  • Spider & rings combo shifts seamlessly
  • Ultralight chainring set by means of an innovative shaping
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Compatible with 11 or 10 speed cassettes
  • Compatible with Hollowgram cranksets

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