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CeramicSpeed PF4630 (PF30/BBright PF/386EVO) Coated Ceramic Bottom Bracket

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PF4630 (PF30/BBright PF/386EVO) Coated Ceramic Bottom Bracket

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Product ID: CS-PF4630-COATED

Delivering unbeatable durability and quality, CeramicSpeed's PF4630 (PF30/BBright PF/386EVO) Coated Bottom Bracket is the perfect upgrade for PP30, BBright and EVO386 bottom brackets.

Constructed from highest grade silicone nitride and coated with a special metallic formula, this bottom bracket boasts an increased lifetime of 7.5 times the average. Resistant to corrosion and incredibly smooth, this bottom bracket is the perfect finish to any bike.

CeramicSpeed PF4630 (PF30/BBright PF/386EVO) Coated Ceramic Bottom Bracket

An unbeatable upgrade for PF30, BBright press-fit and EVO386 bottom brackets. CeramicSpeed's PF4630 (PF30/BBright PF/386EVO) Coated Ceramic Bottom Bracket delivers unrivalled performance in strength and reduced friction providing the ultra-smooth pedal stroke we all desire.

Manufactured with CeramicSpeed's one of a kind CeramicSpeed balls and special metallic coating, this bottom bracket has an unrivalled lifetime guarantee. The featured ball bearings are constructed from the highest 3-grade silicone nitride, providing the highest surface finish and roundness. Boasting 7.5 times the lifetime of the industry's standard ball bearings, with 100% smoothness and 15% increased hardness, these ceramic ball bearings can take 99% higher loads and are incredibly resistant to corrosion.

As with any bottom bracket, it's not all about the bearings, it's also about the casing and the races. You'll be very pleased to know that CeramicSpeed's dedicated research and development team strive to achieve the best and they have. Developing an extremely effective metallic coating to cover the internal and external steel races, Ceramic Speed has developed a bottom bracket that boasts an improved 75% hardness, ensuring smooth homogenous surfaces.

All in all this bottom bracket proves to be one of the best the industry has ever seen, resisting corrosion and impact damage.


  • 2 cups with bearings installed
  • 2 1mm spacers
  • 2 0.5mm spacers
  • 2 dust covers
  • O-ring
  • Spacer tube
  • 10ml All Round Grease
  • Sticker sheet

Note, this Bottom Bracket does not fit Cervélo P5 six - 2013 models.


  • High grade 3 silicone nitride bearings
  • Increased surface finish and roundness
  • 15% harder
  • Can take 99% higher loads
  • 100% smoother than industry standard
  • Special metallic coating provides 75% extra hardness
  • 7.5 times the lifetime of standard ceramic bearings

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