Classified R50 Carbon Wheelset with Powershift

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R50 Carbon Wheelset with Powershift

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The R50 is the flagship aero wheel and is ready for when you want to push things a little harder. 

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Classified R50 Carbon Wheelset with Powershift

Prepare for an extraordinary shift in cycling performance with the R50 Carbon Wheelset equipped with Powershift technology. This innovative system delivers unprecedented shift performance, unparalleled efficiency, and cutting-edge aerodynamics, leaving traditional 2x systems far behind.

A Front Derailleur Alternative That Delivers

Are you searching for a front derailleur alternative that offers the same functionality without the downsides? Look no further! Our Powershift Technology, a wireless 2-speed shifting system integrated into the rear hub, empowers you to change gears in an instant, even under full load and across any terrain. Here's what you gain:

? No Front Derailleur: Say goodbye to front derailleur hassles.

? Reduced Aero Drag: Embrace enhanced aerodynamics for a faster ride.

? No Cross Chaining: Enjoy improved efficiency with straighter chainlines.

? No Small Chainrings: Experience a 45% reduction in chain forces for superior performance.

How It Operates

  • Shift Button: The satellite shift button, linked to the Smart Handlebar Unit, initiates shifts wirelessly.
  • Smart Thru Axle: Our Smart Thru Axle receives the signal, enabling contactless energy transfer to trigger hub shifts.
  • Powershift Hub: The hub seamlessly shifts between two ratios, mimicking the transition between big and small chainrings.

Performance That Matters

When compared to a 1x setup, Classified minimizes cross chaining, adopts larger sprocket and chainring sizes, and reduces chain tension, crank, and hub bearing losses. Unlike a 2x system, the 0.7 hub ratio continues to utilize the large chainring upfront, leading to a 30% reduction in chain tension and fewer losses.

You'll find yourself using the Classified hub more frequently than a traditional front derailleur, minimizing cross chain losses. The hub exhibits negligible losses in the 0.7 ratio, expertly balanced by the big chainring and straighter chainline unique to Classified.

Furthermore, Classified hubs are built to outlast your bicycle's internal systems, requiring zero maintenance. Only wheel bearings are subject to wear, which can be effortlessly replaced.

Shift Under Any Circumstance

Classified stands out as the only system capable of shifting under load. Shift without holding back, even under intense power outputs of up to 1000 watts. Shift while coasting, back pedaling, or when stationary—the hub seamlessly completes shifts, ensuring faster, trouble-free gear changes.

Unlock Performance with Classified

By combining 2 gears with a standard derailleur setup, we provide a wide gear range and small gear steps you're accustomed to. Eliminating the front derailleur gives you the reliability and performance you've always craved.

Our mission is simple: optimize your drivetrain for peak performance. We believe in the potential of chain-based drivetrains but aim to eliminate their weakest link—the front derailleur. Classified offers a wide gear range and small gear steps, making it operate just like a traditional 2x-setup.

The gear ratio/set size of the Powershift hub (1:1 ratio in the virtual big gear and 1:0.686 ratio in the virtual small gear) is meticulously designed for flawless Powershifting.

Experience the future of cycling with the R50 Carbon Wheelset with Powershift. Upgrade today and transform your riding experience.


  • Rim Type: Carbon, clincher, tubeless ready
  • Rim Depth: 50mm
  • Brakes: Disc only
  • Rim Inner Width: 19mm
  • Rim Outer Width: 27mm
  • Spokes: 24 DT Swiss Aerolite SP
  • Wheelset Weight: 1,415g (±5%) (Including front hub, excluding POWERSHIFT rear hub)

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