Coros Apex 2 Pro GPS Sports Watch

Apex 2 Pro GPS Sports Watch

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Coros Apex 2 Pro GPS Sports Watch

The Apex 2 Pro GPS Outdoor Watch is the epitome of cutting-edge technology for those embarking on daring outdoor adventures. Boasting a plethora of revolutionary features, this watch offers an enhanced navigation experience, an impressive GPS battery life of up to 75 hours, and a rugged design built to withstand extreme conditions.

Featuring a 1.3-inch display, the Apex 2 Pro showcases a sapphire glass screen and a bezel crafted from grade 5 titanium alloy, coated with PVD for exceptional scratch resistance. This robust construction enables the watch to withstand on-wrist operating temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 50℃, making it a reliable companion in any climate or terrain.

With its 5 ATM water resistance and ability to endure pressures up to a depth of 50m, the Apex 2 Pro remains water-resistant even in the wettest of conditions. The watch's user-friendly button design, coupled with a large digital dial, allows for easy setting adjustments, even when wearing gloves.

The Apex 2 Pro's All-Satellite Dual-Frequency GNSS chipset delivers unparalleled GPS accuracy, powered by a 50% higher performance antenna and the ability to receive signals from all five major satellite systems. This ensures precise navigation data, and the watch comes with free global offline Landscape and Topographical maps, providing crucial information in remote locations.

With an extended GPS battery life of up to 75 hours, the Apex 2 Pro empowers users to venture further and stay out longer without worrying about battery depletion. Moreover, the watch charges fully in under 2 hours, ensuring minimal downtime.

The brand new wrist optical heart rate sensor on the Apex 2 Pro features a 5-LED system with 4 photodetectors in a customized layout, incorporating advanced signal noise removal algorithms for accurate heart rate monitoring. The watch also allows users to track their recovery by monitoring sleep quality and heart rate variability (HRV) measurement, providing invaluable insights into their body's readiness to tackle daily stressors.

In summary, the Apex 2 Pro GPS Outdoor Watch is an essential companion for adventure enthusiasts who demand the best. With its rugged design, extended GPS battery life, precise navigation system, and advanced heart rate monitoring capabilities, this watch equips users to conquer any terrain and achieve peak performance.


  • Next-generation accurate heart rate sensor
  • Connect with all five major satellite systems
  • Dual frequency GNSS support (APEX 2 Pro)
  • 30 days of regular use/75 hours of full GPS (APEX 2 Pro)
  • 1.3"" sapphire screen and titanium bezel (APEX 2 Pro)
  • Wide range of activity modes and third-party integrations
  • Free global offline maps for on-wrist navigation
  • Full training plan and workout support
  • COROS APEX 2 Pro ×1
  • Charging Cable ×1
  • Nylon Watch Band x1

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