Dynaplug Micro Pro Tubeless Repair Kit

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Micro Pro Tubeless Repair Kit
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Tiny, lightweight and incredibly efficient, the Micro Pro Tubeless Repair Kit from Dynaplug holds everything you need to fix a puncture damaged tubeless tyre mid-ride.

When you puncture with a hole too big for your sealant to handle, reach for this handy kit and get back on the road or trail asap.

Dynaplug Micro Pro Tubeless Repair Kit

The Dynaplug Micro Pro Tubeless Repair Kit is a self contained high-quality mid-ride tool, that fits easily in your pocket or saddle bag where it remains barely noticeable until you need to use it. Should you puncture your tubeless tyres with a cut bigger than your sealant can plug, you'll be glad of this very handy kit.

Remove the object that caused the puncture, plug the hole with the air stopper if required, then fix the hole using the included soft nose standard plugs. The clever insertion tool makes it easy to pop the plug in, where the viscoelastic impregnated rubber instantly bonds with your tyre for a tight seal. Reinflate your tyre and you're ready to roll again. You can even choose to trim the tail of the plug off if you prefer using the micro knife.


  • Dynaplug Micro Pro Tool
  • 2 x stainless steel insertion tubes
  • 5 x soft nose standard plugs
  • 1 x micro knife
  • 1 x air stopper and a pipe cleaner to help prep the tube for reloading


  • Super compact tubeless repair tool, weatherproof and beautifully machined
  • Fast and easy way to repair a tubeless tyre mid-ride
  • Directions: Firmly insert tool into puncture hole, extract the tool depositing the repair plug in the hole
  • Multiple plugs can be used on larger holes
  • Sealant-friendly repair plug is a unique viscoelastic impregnated rubber that bonds instantly and permanently with your tyre
  • Nonabrasive brass tip will not scratch your rim or puncture your rim tape
  • No need to remove the tyre, no messy glues or solvents, just plug and ride
  • Plug tail can be trimmed to 4mm long once inserted
  • Machined, waterproof 6061 aluminium capsule
  • Only 57mm long and weighs just 45 grams
  • Made in the USA

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