ENVE 71mm SES 7.8 Front Clincher Disc Rim

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71mm SES 7.8 Front Clincher Disc Rim

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The ENVE SES 7.8 Front Clincher is a revolutionary, disc specific Rim designed for the demands of time trials and triathlons.

Featuring a full carbon construction and a 71mm profile, the 7.8 offers the ultimate in aerodynamic efficiency, while its lack of a braking surface allows the overall weight to be reduced to a featherweight 514 grams. Utilising a 29mm external width, this rim pairs perfectly with 25mm tyres for confidence inspiring levels of grip in all conditions.

ENVE 71mm SES 7.8 Front Clincher Disc Rim

Race faster than ever before with the ENVE SES 7.8 Front Clincher Disc Rim. Constructed entirely from high-grade carbon fibre, this premium offering weighs in at a mere 514 grams, perfect for efficient climbing and instant acceleration.

The 71mm rim profile offers exceptional aerodynamics, cutting through the air with minimal drag and increasing your maximum velocity. ENVE have also completely redesigned the rim to suit disc brakes, rather than simply upping the spoke count and placing decals over the flat brake track, as per some of their competition. The result? A lighter rim with greater aerodynamic efficiency. By discarding the brake track ENVE were able to remove additional materials designed for reducing heat build-up in rim brakes and shape the rim in its entirety for optimum performance out on the road.

Featuring a 29mm external rim width, the SES 7.8 is designed to pair with 25mm tyres for reduced rolling resistance and increased grip in all conditions. If you are looking for the ultimate disc specific triathlon and time trial rim, the 7.8 makes a fantastic choice.


  • Full carbon fibre construction
  • 24 holes for additional stiffness
  • 71mm rim depth offers exceptional aerodynamic efficiency
  • Designed for use with 25mm tyres for enhanced grip and control

Please note: Rim only, no other accessories included.


  • Made from carbon fibre
  • 700C size rim
  • Clincher
  • Disc brake specific
  • Rim depth of 71mm
  • Internal rim width of 19mm
  • External rim width of 29mm
  • Effective rim diameter of 516mm
  • 24 holes
  • Weight of 514 grams
  • Recommended for use with 700 x 25mm tyres
  • FIVE-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and Lifetime Loyalty Guarantee

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