ENVE M630 29 MTB Rim

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M630 29 MTB Rim

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Designed for bikes with between 100 and 160mm of travel, the ENVE M630 29" MTB Rim makes the perfect choice for those chasing ultimate alpine versatility.

Equally suitable for trail riding, enduro racing and anything in-between, this full carbon fibre rim weighs in at an impressive 388 grams and boasts phenomenal stiffness and strength. With an external width of 38.5mm, the M630 is designed to pair with modern tyres, boosting grip levels for a confidence inspiring ride across all terrains.

ENVE M630 29" MTB Rim

The ENVE M630 29" MTB Rim has been built with aggressive trail riding at the forefront of the design. Suited to bikes with travel between 100mm and 160mm, this lightweight offering is a versatile choice, equally as comfortable tackling cross-country endurance events as it is bombing down technical, steep descents. As such the M630 is a popular choice amongst those looking to get out and explore mixed alpine terrain at speed.

Utilising a full carbon fibre construction the M630 offers a fantastic ride, effectively absorbing unwanted trail feedback for enhanced comfort and control on unpredictable routes. Additionally, this lightweight design ensures an overall weight of merely 388 grams, perfect for those looking to climb back up to the top.

Being a 29" rim, the M630 ensures maximum velocity out on the trail, rolling over uneven sections that would see smaller variants struggling to stay planted. This, combined with its modern 38.5mm width, provides high levels of grip, stability, and control across a multitude of surfaces, perfect for fast-paced, four season riding.


  • Made from carbon fibre
  • 29" size rim
  • Clincher
  • Trail application
  • Designed for bikes with 100-160mm travel
  • Rim depth of 26.5mm
  • Internal rim width of 30mm
  • External rim width of 38.5mm
  • Effective rim diameter of 605mm
  • 28 holes
  • Weight: 388 grams
  • FIVE-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and Lifetime Loyalty Guarantee

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