ENVE Mountain MTB 29 Boost Carbon Fork

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Mountain MTB 29 Boost Carbon Fork

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ENVE Mountain MTB 29 Boost Carbon Fork

The ENVE Mountain MTB 29 Boost Carbon Fork combines the highest grade of carbon with advanced manufacturing to afford functional simplicity and raw riding sensations to riders who prefer a rigid front end setup.

The full carbon construction is realised in a one-piece configuration to grant tremendous levels of stiffness and strength while remaining lightweight. Integrated axle flip chips alter the trail measurement to fine-tune handling characteristics while up to 3.0” of tyre clearance allows almost any tyre to be chosen in line with the forthcoming riding terrain.

Numerous accessory mounts allow for a multitude of luggage carrying options to be attached for when attacking the longest of adventures, and a neat, low-profile mudguard can be attached or removed easily as the weather conditions dictate.


  • Removable mini-mudguard
  • Cable clasps for use when not using the mini-mudguard
  • 6 x plug/aesthetic bolts
  • 6 x accessory mounting bolts
  • Brake mount bolts and spacers for 160mm or 180mm rotors
  • Steerer compression plug


  • A rigid mountain bike fork that offers functional simplicity and a raw riding experience
  • One-piece carbon construction from the top of the steerer to the bottom of the dropouts boasts a tremendous stiffness to weight ratio
  • Axle flip-chips tune the bikes handling characteristics by altering the trail between 44mm and 52mm
  • Clearance for up to 3.0” wide tyres
  • Numerous accessory mounts
  • A low profile mini-mudguard can be added or removed in line with the conditions and when not in use it can be replaced with handy brake hose clasps
  • Designed for use with 29” wheels
  • Compatible with 15 x 110mm boost axles
  • Has a travel correction of 120mm so works with frames designed around 100mm-140mm Travel Forks
  • Post mount disc brake caliper interface
  • 180mm maximum disc brake rotor compatibility
  • 300mm steerer tube length
  • Claimed manufacturer weight: 719 grams with mudguard attached or 676 grams with cable clasps attached

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