ENVE SES TLR Clincher Tyre

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Price £67.50 - £75.00

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SES TLR Clincher Tyre

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ENVE SES TLR Clincher Tyre

The ENVE SES TLR Clincher Tyre has been developed to create the ultimate aerodynamic advantage when paired with ENVE wheels, offering real-world speed and efficiency. Having undergone extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel development, this tyre strikes the perfect balance between low weight, ride feel, fast-rolling and puncture-resistance. ENVE's renowned SES rim shapes complement the fastest tyres available by leading manufacturers and now the brand has developed this tyre to complement their own rims and create a complete system for a better ride experience.

This is a high-performance road racing tyre that utilises a stretch-resistant, thermally stable Zylon™ bead, while the Vectran™ breaker reduces flats. SPC Silica compound ensures wet weather performance equals performance in the dry and significantly reduces rolling resistance. 

Compatible with both hooked and hookless rims, a robust interface is guaranteed and the choice of available widths ensure there's a tyre to suit a range of riders and both on-road and mixed terrain disciplines. Optimised for a tubeless setup, the tyre bead diameter and stiffness make for easier installation.

Tyre Width Selection

  • SES 25 - Designed to enhance aerodynamic performance of legacy SES wheels as well as current generation SES and Foundation wheel models
  • SES 27 - Designed to maximise the aero performance of the SES AR wheel line and to provide a higher-volume tyre option for traditional SES and Foundation wheel owners without compromising aerodynamics, stability and performance
  • SES 29 - The original, purpose-built “All-Road” aero tyre strikes the perfect balance between aerodynamics and rolling efficiency. This tyre, paired with an SES AR wheelset is the go-to house favourite for its confidence-inspiring versatility
  • SES 31 - Developed for long miles on rough-roads where aero efficiency plays second fiddle to the comfort, traction, protection and rolling resistance gains that this high-volume road tyre delivers. This tyre will pair best with the SES AR wheelsets or the G23


  • Tubeless-ready clincher
  • Aero optimised for SES wheels, but capable of making any aero road wheel faster
  • Zylon™ bead construction - Synthetic polymer bead material was chosen for its high strength, thermal stability, and creep resistance (stretching over time)
  • Anti-chafe strip for bead protection
  • Laminate casing designed for cornering stability and power transmission
  • Vectran™ breaker is employed to protect against punctures and pinch flats
  • SPC Silica is a high-performance road racing tread compound. Features 66 Shore A durometer and provides a balanced blend of synthetic and natural rubbers with activated silica filler for excellent wet weather performance and low rolling resistance
  • Breakaway Tread design and tyre’s shape deliver aero performance by aiding airflow attachment from tyre to rim across the range of yaw angles
  • Tread thickness balances longevity and rolling resistance
  • Tubeless optimisation, bead-stiffness and bead diameters tuned for use with straight-sidewall (TSS) or hookless-bead and hooked-bead rim designs alike, delivering a consistent seal between the tyre and rim
  • Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic
  • Application: Road racing / triathlon / TT / all-road / mixed surface race (tyre width dependent)
  • Tyre pressure range: 60-90psi (25c) / 50-85psi (27c) / 40-80psi (29c) / 35-75psi (31c)
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 255 grams (25c) / 265 grams (27c) / 275 grams (29c) / 285 grams (31c)
  • Wheel available to be purchased separately

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