EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro

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Road Bike Bag Pro

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EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro

The EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro brings together the best features of a hard box and a soft bag to deliver protection, ease of use and convenience during travel. Everything is included to fix in place and keep your mountain, road or triathlon bike as safe as possible, including a Road Bike Stand, side impact absorber, cockpit pad and webbing loops, and stabilisers and tube sticks create a semi-solid structure. There are also wheel bags included for some extra padding. 

The bag is easy to pull and manoeuvre thanks to multiple handle options, an extra-wide wheel chassis and a clip-on wheel, and it can be locked using a combination code. When not in use, the collapsible design makes it easy to store. 


  • Road Bike Bag Pro
  • Wheel bag x 2
  • Side impact absorber
  • Cockpit pad
  • Clip-on wheel
  • Webbing loop x 4
  • Stabiliser stick with pull cord x 5
  • Stabiliser stick with pull tab x 5
  • Tube stick x 2
  • Road Bike Stand (aluminium rails x 2 / rear hub / front hub / Front axle adapters (thru-axle 12mm x 2, QR 5mm x 2 / rear axle adapters (5x130mm, 12 x 135mm, 12 x 142mm)


  • Revolutionary hybrid, road and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe and convenient bike transportation
  • Bike fitting proof – only wheels and pedals needs to be removed
  • Extra light and ultra-safe hybrid construction – collapsible
  • Easy to travel with – thanks to extra-wide wheel chassis, clip-on wheel and multiple handles
  • Includes new Road Bike Stand for easy fixation and extra safe transport
  • TSA proof
  • Business card compartment
  • Replaceable skate wheels
  • Combination code lock
  • 300-litre capacity
  • Maximum wheelbase: 112cm
  • Maximum cockpit width: 50cm
  • Maximum saddle height: 86cm (distance between lower part of chainring and top part of saddle)
  • Dimensions: 130 x 92 x 53cm
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 11.7kg

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