Elite Justo Direct Drive FE-C Mag OTS Turbo Trainer

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Justo Direct Drive FE-C Mag OTS Turbo Trainer

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Elite Justo Direct Drive FE-C Mag OTS Turbo Trainer

The Justo Direct Drive FE-C Mag OTS Turbo Trainer from Elite combines class-leading accuracy with sustainable production. The OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) system provides power readings accurate to within 1% and automatic calibration, so the data remains precise without the need for any manual intervention.

At 6.2kg, the new flywheel is not only heavier for a more realistic ride feel, but is also more aerodynamic so that there is less noise produced as it spins around. There are two Bluetooth channels so that the trainer can be used as a bridge for heart monitor or cadence accessories and an ANT+ FE-C connection is also included.

There are two different sets of feet included, one solid set and one which allows the trainer to move more naturally from side to side with the pedalling action. It has been constructed from mostly recycled materials or reusable metal so that its initial environmental impact is lower as well as making it easier to recycle it at the end of its life.

Please note, the accessories shown are available separately to purchase.


  • Elite's most accurate trainer, refinements to both the firmware and internal components yield an industry-leading power accuracy of 1% via Elite's proven Optical Torque Sensor (OTS) system
  • These developments also allow the Justo to be the first Elite interactive trainer with automatic calibration, no manual calibration by the user is required to ensure precise operation
  • New flywheel design is not only heavier at 6.2kg for improved ride feel, but more aerodynamic to reduce noise, this makes the Justo Elite’s quietest ever trainer
  • Includes two sets of Flex Feet to allow the trainer to move in use for a more natural feel, or to be fixed in place if that is preferred
  • Dual Bluetooth channel allows the Justo to be used both as a cadence or cardio bridge with compatible wireless accessories (not included) and with both the latest Bluetooth standards and ANT+ FE-C connections available the Justo has the widest possible compatibility
  • Sustainable construction; most of the trainer is made from reusable metal or recycled materials to reduce the trainer's initial environmental impact and to assist in end-of-life recycling
  • Compatible with Shimano HG 11-speed cassettes (not included), conversion kits available for Campagnolo, SRAM XDR or MICRO SPLINE
  • Compatible with 142 x 12mm and 130/135mm Q/R frames out of the box, adapters available for 141mm QR, 148mm Boost and 157mm Superboost
  • Open size: 570 x 720 x 520 mm / 22,44” x 28,35” x 20,47” (L x W x H)
  • Closed: 570 x 195 x 520 mm / 22,44” x 7,682” x 20,47” (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 17kg / 37.48lbs

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