Endura D2Z Aeroswitch TT Helmet

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D2Z Aeroswitch TT Helmet
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Endura D2Z Aeroswitch TT Helmet

The Endura D2Z Aeroswitch TT Helmet was developed with the goal of being the fastest in the world. Tested scrutinously against its rivals, it shows incredibly positive results. The added benefit of a detachable aero tail makes this an aero option for road riding and time trial positions alike.

Endura's relationship with leading aerodynamics consultancy Drag2Zero has brought about step-change advances to the world of cycling aerodynamics. With the Aeroswitch helmet, the Scottish manufacturer committed to extensive wind tunnel prototype testing resulting in a short-tailed design which is highly effective. The wider tail provides a more stable flow of air off the head and onto the rider's back. The profile is not only exceptionally aerodynamic indirect airflow but also minimises the negative effects experienced as yaw angles increase.

A full Koroyd® core provides market-leading impact absorption, bringing great peace of mind. The integral tubular construction keeps weight to a minimum and improves cooling over traditional aero helmets, while the deep visor can be easily flipped out of the way with one hand when no longer required.

With industry-leading safety, unmatched aerodynamic speed and the versatility of two helmets, the Aeroswitch sets itself apart from the competition.


  • Integrated Koroyd® core for superior, lightweight, breathable protection
  • Easily detached, snap on/off tail section
  • Large front vents for increased airflow
  • Full visor with anti-fog treatment with magnetic attachments
  • One-hand micro-adjustment fit system
  • Antibacterial fast wicking, spacer fabric padding
  • EVA carry case and helmet bag included
  • Covered by Crash Replacement Policy and Endura Product Guarantee
  • Certified to CE standard EN1078:2012 and A1:2012

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