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Fabric Triathlon Flat Elite Saddle

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Triathlon Flat Elite Saddle

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The Fabric Tri Flat Elite Saddle is designed to specifically suit the needs of triathletes and time trial specialists.

The saddle is shorter than traditional saddles with a central relief channel that makes the aggressive triathlon riding position more comfortable and ergonomic.

Fabric Triathlon Flat Elite Saddle

Do not suffer through your triathlon or time trail, look to the Fabric Tri Flat Elite Saddle for optimised comfort and performance. The Tri Flat Elite is shorter than the traditional saddle and this promotes a more aggressive riding position where you are sitting right on the saddle's nose in the most aerodynamic position possible.

In addition to the saddle's shorter length, its centralised relief channel also helps to relieve pressure. Extended pressure on the pudendal artery can lead to discomfort and numbness while also hampering performance.

The two lightweight PU (Polyurethane) foam pads are covered in a durable waterproof micro-fibre cover that helps to increase the saddle's lifespan while also helping you to avoid moisture build up on the saddle-short interface.

With a bike hanger and rear bottle mount included as standard the Tri saddle is performance oriented, feature packed and great value. Finally, the saddle's base features cro-mo rails. these help to keep the saddle rigid while also reducing road vibration.

Available in six different colour schemes, there is an option to suit any rider's taste and colour preference.


  • Flat Elite profile
  • Base: Nylon
  • Rail: Hollow Cro-mo
  • Upper: Lightweight PU (Polyurethane) foam
  • Cover: Waterproof microfibre
  • Integral bike hanger
  • Clip on bottle mount included
  • Full length pressure relief channel
  • Available in six colour options
  • Weight: 240 grams

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