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Fizik R1 Infinito Knitted Cycling Shoes

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Fizik has honed and developed their R1 Infinito Knitted Cycling Shoes to provide a supple fit with unrelenting power outputs.

Constructed from a unique knitted upper and stitched with dynamic arch support, these shoes actively wick moisture and manage temperature for those sweat breaking rides. Fastening securely and snugly, the double Infinito Boa system ties your feet in line with the rigid carbon footbed for improved power outputs. With an air-like feel, these shoes are perfect for those searching for the ultimate race performance.

Fizik R1 Infinito Knitted Cycling Shoes

Honed and developed with some of the world's leading pro riders, Fizik's R1 Infinito Knitted Cycling Shoes combine some of the latest technologies to provide class-leading comfort and unmatched power transfer whilst remaining desirably stylish.

Boasting unbeatable comfort and proving to be at the pinnacle of road shoe design, Fizik has utilised a unique knitted upper material to provide a supple yet supportive fit. Extremely lightweight, this material provides an almost air like feel for superior comfort, whilst actively managing moisture and temperature thanks to the ventilation pattern, meaning you can break a sweat without hindrances. Stitched into the structure of the shoes is the supportive dynamic arch support that improves the form and mould of the upper fabric, ensuring you of a perfect fit and eliminating the risk of cramps.

Durable and secure, the featured Double Infinito IP1-B boa closure system fastens these dynamic shoes in place for a confident fit. Lightweight, the steel-coated nylon laces combined with the micro-adjustable dials adjust to an array of foot shapes flawlessly, providing a superior fit that encourages you to push harder with peace of mind.

With a three-bolt cleat pattern, these shoes are compatible with a variety of pedals providing you with a versatile option.

Harmonising with the supple upper and adjustable fastening straps, the mesh footbed, insole and rigid outsole harbour power inducing properties. Laterally stiff and light, the unidirectional full carbon outsole is excellently constructed to provide ventilated support whilst efficiently aiding in each pedal stroke for increasingly high power outputs.

Lightweight, sleek and dynamic these shoes marry well with any power fuelled cyclist in search of a supple fit with ultimate race performance.

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  • First knitted pro cycling shoe ever
  • Materials: Unique new knitted material
  • Outsole: Full UD carbon vented
  • Closure system: Double Infinito IP1-B
  • Insole: Infinito footbed
  • Steel coated nylon laces
  • Cleat pattern: Three bolt
  • Highly breathable
  • Air like feel
  • Supportive dynamic arch
  • Weight per shoe: 255 grams (size 42.5)
  • Developed and tested with some of the world's professional riders

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