Garmin Rally RS100 Single Sided Power Meter Pedals (Shimano Cleats)

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Rally RS100 Single Sided Power Meter Pedals (Shimano Cleats)

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Product Highlights


Up to 120 hours of battery life from the user replaceable batteries.


The system is easy to fit and is swappable between bikes.


Review your data on the Garmin Connect app and pair to your Edge device for real-time power readings.


Training to power is an accurate way to gauge your progress and improvements.

Garmin Rally RS100 Single Sided Power Meter Pedals (Shimano Cleats)

Following a meticulous design phase and rigorous real-world testing, the Garmin Rally RS100 Single Sided Power Meter Pedals (Shimano Cleats) realise exceptional durability, accuracy and versatility, helping the dedicated rider train and race with greater effectiveness.

Simple to install and swap between bikes, just as standard pedals are, the power measurement is easily calibrated via a connected bike computer or watch, granting reliable readings instantly. The power measurement instruments are sealed from the elements inside the left pedal spindle, and these measure the watts and cadence produced by the rider's left leg. The system doubles these power numbers to arrive with a reliable estimate of total power, allowing the rider to train with heightened precision.

Data is communicated in real-time to compatible bike computers, watches and indoor training setups via the wireless ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols and can be synced with programs like Garmin Connect, Strava and TrainingPeaks for post-ride analysis and social sharing.

This system arrives supplied with Garmin RS Shimano road pedal bodies, but these can be easily swapped to the Garmin RK Look Keo or XC Shimano SPD off-road pedal bodies (available separately) if the rider ever wants to try different platforms. The batteries offer 120 hours of riding and can be changed easily by the user via the durable metal threaded battery cap.

Should the rider ever want to upgrade to a dual-sided power measurement system, a right-sided power pedal upgrade kit is available separately.


  • 1 x RS100 Left power measurement pedal compatible with Shimano road style cleats
  • 1 x RS100 Right standard (non power measuring) pedal compatible with Shimano road style cleats
  • 1 x pair of Garmin RS Shimano SPD-SL style cleats and fixings

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  • Versatile and highly accurate road cycling single-sided power meter pedals
  • A rigorous testing program in all conditions has resulted in an incredibly robust and reliable design
  • The power measurement instruments are completely sealed neatly inside the left pedal spindle
  • Quick installation like standard pedals allows for easy swapping between bikes
  • Single-sided power configuration has an accuracy of +/- 1% and this reading is doubled to get a total power estimate
  • There is the option to upgrade to the dual-sensing format with the right power pedal upgrade kit (available separately)
  • Total power and cadence are measured
  • Quick and easy zero offset/calibration procedure via the paired Garmin computer or watch provides accurate power measurement, even straight after installation
  • Real-time data is sent to Edge cycling computers, Garmin watches, other compatible devices and indoor training programs via the ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols
  • Works with the Garmin ecosystem to allow updates via Garmin devices or the Garmin Connect smartphone App
  • The data collected can be synced with apps such as Garmin Connect, Strava, TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad for post-ride analysis
  • Shimano Road SPD-SL cleat compatible pedal bodies with adjustable release tension
  • The pedal spindles are easily interchangeable with the Garmin Rally RK (Look Keo cleats) and Rally XC (SPD off-road cleats) pedal bodies with standard workshop tools
  • The battery life is up to 120 hours, and the batteries are easily changed by the user
  • Uses either 2 x LR44/SR44 batteries or 1 x CR1/3N battery
  • The metal, threaded battery cap is robust and thoroughly sealed
  • Pedal body and cleat combined stack height: 12.2mm
  • Q-factor: 53mm (up to 55mm with spacers)
  • Maximum rider weight: 105kg

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