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Garmin Vector S Upgrade Power Pedal Right Hand Side - Large (15-18 mm)

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Vector S Upgrade Power Pedal Right Hand Side - Large (15-18 mm)

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Transforming your left-sided pedal power meter to a dual-sided system, the Garmin Vector S Upgrade Power Pedal Right Hand Side provides an in-depth, accurate reading into your performance, allowing you to tweak and adjust your pedal stroke and technique as you see fit.

With ANT+ connectivity, you can also get an instant reading into your power.

Garmin Vector S Upgrade Power Pedal Right Hand Side - Large (15-18 mm)

When you’re already harnessing the power of the Garmin Vector S Left Side Power Pedal and require greater insight into your right side, turn to the Garmin Vector S Upgrade Power Pedal Right Hand Side. Converting your left-sided system into a fully functional, dual-sided power meter, you can get a full understanding of your performance and tweak your pedal stroke and output to achieve a more efficient pedal stroke.

Unlike crank arm-based power meters, the Garmin Vector S goes beyond reading watts, and shows you the most important factors of your performance to follow, or ‘Cycling Dynamics Data’. Everything from fatigue and fitness to platform centre offset is incorporated, allowing you to head out on the bike for a truly accurate training session.

Platform centre offset helps you to identify where force is being applied. When you’re coming back from injury, or even trying to utilise your pedal stroke, this is incredibly helpful to get the optimum and most efficient rotation. Once you understand how your foot reacts in varied situations, you can implement an action plan, which will then enable you to become more efficient on the bike.

This technology also understands when you’re sprinting out the saddle or spinning up climbs, so you can see what technique is most efficient. The Power Phase technology works alongside this, relaying your power and torque from each pedal stroke to your Garmin, ensuring you’re not wasting energy.

Gaining an understanding of your performance is incredibly important for riders looking to ride long distances, such as a race or sportive. Once you know what power you can stick to over a certain time period, then you can head out onto the road knowing that you can sit within a particular zone without burning out.

Another attractive feature of using a pedal-based power meter system is the ability to quickly and easily switch the system between bikes. If you’re training hard through the winter, this makes it easy to switch out and track whether or not it paid off on your summer bike. The same goes for time trialists and triathletes - making sure you don’t leave everything on the first half of the course.

ANT+ compatibility ensures you’re always connected to your power meter, and the pedal pod which transmits the data is equipped with a durable lithium 2032 battery that hosts a 175-hour runtime.

This large version of the Vector S Power Meter Road Pedal System is designed for cranks between 15mm and 18mm in thickness.


  • 1 power pedal
  • 1 communication pod


  • With the purchase of this right hand side Vector S upgrade power pedal, Vector S can be upgraded to a dual-sensing Vector system
  • Benefits include additional metrics, including left/right balance and Beyond Watts Pedalling Dynamics
  • Includes 1 power pedal and 1 communication pod

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