Hope Technology F22 MTB Pedals

Hope Technology
F22 MTB Pedals

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Hope F22 MTB Pedals

The new Hope F22 MTB Pedal has increased platform size compared to the F20 pedal, with a usable area of 105 x 102mm. Careful consideration has been given to achieving the right balance between foot stability and clearance in narrow gaps and ruts. The asymmetric shape is designed to provide full support to the shoe sole, extending to areas where the F20 platform did not reach.

All New Pin Design: The reverse loading design prevents pins from coming loose and ensures a better chance of removing them when desired. The unique hex shape offers extra bite, and the height is adjustable using the supplied spacers, with a maximum pin height of 6mm.

Concave Profile: The dual concave profile helps to hold the shoe on the platform, providing a superior planted feeling. This concavity is enhanced by using shorter pins towards the middle of the platform and by having no pin locations in the centre of the platform.

Pedal Internals: The proven internal layout of the F20 pedal has been retained for smooth long-term durability. It features three cartridge bearings and an IGUS bush. Internal and external sealing prevents the ingress of dirt and debris. The pedal is fully serviceable and re-buildable, with a revised axle design for improved strength and impact resistance.


  • Redesigned Platform Shape
  • All New Pin Design
  • Concave Profile

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