ISM PN 3.0 Saddle

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PN 3.0 Saddle

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ISM PN 3.0 Saddle

An evolution of the ISM Performance narrow chassis, the ISM PN 3.0 Saddle has a slightly wider rear and an updated shape so this saddle will 'disappear' underneath you. The noseless design eliminates pressure on the soft tissue to maximise blood flow for a comfortable ride.

ISM saddles are a popular choice for time trialists and triathletes with their noseless design but are great for any cyclist who doesn't want to compromise on comfort when riding in an aggressive position. The ISM PN 3.0 Saddle is an evolution of the ISM Performance Narrow chassis with a slightly wider rear, at 120mm, and an updated shape for enhanced comfort, with a new tapered-edge mould design. In fact, this new design is so comfortable, it will near enough 'disappear' underneath you.

Rider body movement around the saddle area is increased thanks to excellent thigh and hamstring clearance, and this extra movement will, in turn, have a positive effect on your ability to ride fast into corners.

The noseless design helps to remove pressure from the soft tissue resulting in increased blood flow and eliminating any potential numbness, so you can enjoy a more comfortable ride and really focus on your performance.


  • New tapered-edge mold design
  • Auto-racing inspired air vent chassis
  • Category: Performance Narrow
  • Length: 255mm
  • Width: 120mm
  • Padding: 30-Series foam
  • Rails: Proprietary stainless steel alloy
  • Weight: 260g

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