LOOK Keo 2 Max Pedals

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Keo 2 Max Pedals

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With a completely remodelled and slimmed-down design, the Look Keo 2 Max Pedals have a wider contact area for increased efficiency, and tension can be adjusted between 8 and 12 Nm to suit the riders preference.

Power transfer is optimised for consistent performance, yet there is no weight penalty, with the pedals and cleats weighing in at just 328 grams. The Chromoly+ steel axle and inner ball and needle bearings distribute the load optimally and a conical spacer reduces friction for increased efficiency. This pedal set includes a pair of grey Kéo Grip cleats and screws.

Look Keo 2 Max Pedals

With a slimmed-down design and a width increase to 60mm, resulting in a 25% increase in a usable surface, the Look Keo 2 Max Pedals large platform enhances foot stability, subsequently improving comfort and efficiency.

Power transfer has been optimised so all your watts are transferred into speed on the road. The stainless steel plate has been shaped to match the cleat and ensure that, no matter your cleat-pedal setup, you'll always have the same contact so performance remains consistent. Despite this re-design, the pedal and cleat system weighs a mere 328 grams.

Another change to the Keo 2 Max is in the spindle profile. The oversized chromoly+ axle contains inner ball and a needle roller bearings that effectively handle and distribute the load to the contact surface. Between the bearings, the serrated washer has been replaced by a conical spacer to reduce friction and increase fluidity.

Tension is adjustable between 8Nm and 12Nm to suit your preferences, and the redesign of these pedals guarantees optimal power transfer and great reliability, durability and comfort.


  • Look Keo 2 Max Pedals
  • Keo (Grey) Grip cleats (4.5deg of float) and screws


  • Usage: Recreational to competition
  • Body: Composite
  • Axle: Chromoly +
  • Pedal stack height and cleats: 17.3 mm
  • Contact surface area: 500 mm²
  • Tension: 8Nm or 12Nm, adjustable spring
  • Cleats: Kéo Grip (grey)
  • Pedal weight: 130 grams (328 grams per pair with cleats and screws)

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