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LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals



Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals

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Look Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals

The first model in Look's new Keo Blade Pedal series incorporates Chromoly+ axles and steel bearings. Utilising Look's patented Blade technology within an aerodynamically optimised carbon body, these clipless pedals offer lightness, stability, and durability, alongside a generous support surface for maximum power transfer with every pedal stroke. Weighing a mere 115g per pedal and aerodynamically honed, the Keo Blade is engineered for intuitive clip-in/clip-out functionality, secure support, as well as comfort and unwavering efficiency to elevate your road performance.

Enhanced comfort boasting 705mm² of cleat contact surface and a supportive width of 64mm, the Keo Blade ensures even pressure distribution under the foot, mitigating the risk of "hot spots" or foot discomfort, irrespective of shoe stiffness. Comprising three stainless steel plates, the expanded support surface delivers improved stability, minimising undesired movements and lateral tilting during pedalling.

The Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals come installed with the 8nm tensioned blade. The Blade technology can be replaced with one of the four tension levels 08/12/16/20, with a single specialised tool, you can swiftly replace the blades in under 30 seconds to tailor your preferred tension. Replacement Blades are sold separately.

The revamped design optimises frontal sections and smoothens transitions between shoe and pedal, reducing the pedal's aerodynamic drag. The graceful lines of the blade seamlessly meld, propelling the Keo Blade to the forefront of its category in aerodynamics. This fusion of aesthetics and efficiency sets new performance benchmarks for discerning cyclists.


  • Cleats: Keo Grip grey cleats (Included)
  • Retention: 08
  • Body: Carbon
  • Blade: Composite
  • Spindle: Chromoly+
  • Bearings: Steel
  • Platform Area: 705mm²
  • Platform width: 64mm
  • Q Factor: 53mm
  • Stack height + Cleats: 14,8mm (8,5 + 6,3)
  • Weight (pedal): 115g
  • Weight (pair + cleats): 300g

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