MET Roam MTB MIPS Helmet

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Roam MTB MIPS Helmet
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Perfect for all-mountain rides, the MET Roam MTB MIPS Helmet assures you of all-round protection and is constructed with an expanded polystyrene base and distinctive polycarbonate shell for shock damping protection and strength.

Lined with the ingenious MIPS skeleton for rotational impact protection, this flawless design with giving you a boost in confidence when manoeuvring gravity-defying descents.

MET Roam MTB MIPS Helmet

Refining all-mountain protection, MET introduce their new Roam MTB MIPS Helmet. Designed for fearless rides, this stylish helmet encourages you to seek out hidden treasures with confidence. Providing excellent protection against impacts, the Roam helmet has been constructed from expanded polystyrene (EPS). With shock damping properties this lightweight base construction aids in dissipating shock impacts without weighing you down.

Enhancing durability and strength, the EPS base has been covered with a distinctive dual-toned three-part polycarbonate shell, assuring you of all-round protection for hair raising shredding sessions. The 22 vent hole design presents MET's belief in the importance of ventilation for increased comfort. This flashy design encompasses three additional frontal air channels that promote the airflow over the top of the head, for that desirably cool and dry experience throughout enduring descents and climbs.

For a truly customisable fit, MET has implemented their unique Safe-T Orbital system. Enabling micro-adjustments of the vertical and occipital elements of the securing shell for a comfortable stable fit. The injection moulded peak provides sufficient flex so that it doesn't shatter or rebound under an impact, whilst reducing the risks of minor neck injuries. Featuring three indexed pivot positions, this visor presents a convenient perch for goggles and even goggles with the specific armholes.

A goggle strap enables you to secure your goggles in place whilst transitioning between terrains. With assured safety, this Roam MTB helmet features the ingenious MIPS skeleton. A low friction layer that has been scientifically proven to reduce the strain implemented upon the brain during rotational impacts.

This protective layer takes into consideration that head impacts are not straight forward head-on falls but in fact consist of an array of motions, so by redirecting and dissipating the rotational impact energy this MIPS helmet reduces the risks of severe and minor head brain injuries.

With flawless design elements and excellent safety precautions, this helmet is the perfect companion for gravity-defying sessions.


  • Outer shell construction: In-mould
  • Inner shell: Shock absorbing polystyrene
  • Chinstrap buckle: Anti-pinch buckle
  • Straps and divider: Anti-slip cam divider
  • Fit system: Safe-T orbital
  • Comfort: Anti-allergenic interior padding. Hand washable
  • Be seen: Rear reflective sticker
  • Compatibility: USB LED light
  • CE/ EU certified
  • Weights: 340g (small), 360g (medium), 395g (large)

MET Roam MTB MIPS Helmet Sizing

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