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MUHDO Human DNA Sports Profiling Kit

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Human DNA Sports Profiling Kit

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Don't just guess that you're training effectively and eating well, the MUHDO Human DNA Sports Profiling Kit provides an insight into your genetic makeup.

DNA is collected via a saliva test and the test looks at a large number of genes and variants to create a completely personalised profile. Analysed by sports scientists, nutritionists and other health experts, you'll get reports on fitness, strength and nutrition. The associated health app provides advice and guidance on how to use this information to your advantage and perfect your fitness and nutritional regime.

MUHDO Human DNA Sports Profiling Kit

Understand how your body works and how to make the most of your genetic makeup with the MUHDO Human DNA Sports Profiling Kit. Whether you're looking to gain an edge over your competitors, or would just like to improve your lifestyle and eating habits in general, this kit provides all the information you could need. Unlocking your genetic code will help you exploit your advantages and provide you with the means to work on your weaknesses.

Sampling is simple and involves a swab of saliva, which is then sent off to the lab for analysis. Results are interpreted by a range of experts and available in about four to six weeks and include a highly personalised program.

Over 80 biogenetic markers are analysed, for information on the following:

  • Fitness and exercise: An understanding of your capacity for power, endurance, flexibility, increased muscle size (muscle hypertrophy), your lactate threshold and oxygen use (VO2 max), your respiration (ATP) recovery rate, injury recovery rate, lean body mass and power to weight ratio
  • Diet and nutrition: Design your diet specifically for you, through a better understanding of your responses to protein, total fats, unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, calorie restriction and exercise. Understand your daily need for calories, how to manage weight loss and your risks of obesity and yo-yo dieting
  • Health and wellbeing: Understand your risks for deficiencies in vitamins A, B6, B9, B12, and D as well as minerals such as magnesium and selenium. The test also highlights your bone mineral density and calcium requirements, and your responses to supplements intended to help with specific issues such as inflammation and collagen formation
  • Psychology: Discover your body’s dopamine response, which can affect behaviour, cognition and motivation

Post-analysis, MUHDO will arrange a phone consultation so you can really understand and make the most of the results. The heath app is a great resource and includes a vast amount of information, all personalised to your results. The dashboard has four modes, so you can tailor it to your goals.

The choice of many professional cyclists, this kit is ideal for discovering your own unique genetic makeup and optimising your lifestyle for health and performance.


  • DNA is collected via a simple saliva swab test
  • Laboratory analysis includes advanced genetic techniques to gain insight into your unique gene function
  • MUHDO analyses 88 genes and 240 variants resulting in 6.8 million expressions to generate your personalised DNA profile
  • The insight is used to generate a highly personalised, easy-to-follow and completely free health program
  • Factors that will be reported on include power and speed, endurance and VO2 max, recovery, flexibility and injury, strength and hypertrophy, psychology, diet, micronutrients, supplement dosing
  • Take the guesswork out of your training and find the improvement factors that you can focus on to maximise your performance
  • The MUHDO web platform provides further access to information and advice, all tuned to your unique DNA and updated by world leading fitness and nutritionist experts

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