Muc-Off Fine Cleaning Kit with Silicone Shine and Hydrodynamic Lube

Fine Cleaning Kit with Silicone Shine and Hydrodynamic Lube

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Protect and lubricate your bike like a pro with the Muc-Off Fine Detail Cleaning Kit.

The kit contains Muc-Off's Silicone Shine Spray 500ml, Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth and the supreme Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube 50ml. Silicone shine forms a protective and shiny micro film on your essential components and paintwork while the Hydrodynamic Lube provides superb lubrication in dry or wet conditions.

Muc-Off Fine Cleaning Kit with Silicone Shine and Hydrodynamic Lube

Clean your bike and lube it like a pro with the Muc-Off Fine Cleaning Kit with Silicone Shine and Hydrodynamic Lube. Including the Silicone Shine 500ml spray, a Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth and the Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube, this kit will have your bike looking sparkly and running smoothly.

Muc-Off Silicone Shine 500ml not only leaves your bike looking and smelling divine but it’s also an amazing friction reducer too. Silicone Shine is completely safe to use on paint, chrome, all metal parts, carbon fibre and all other composites. It won’t swell or soften rubber and plastic parts either.

Silicone Shine not only repels water but dries completely, leaving a protective, non-sticky and ultra-shiny layer that will extend the lifetime of your bike's finish by preventing the build-up of dirt and grime. This means that treated parts and surfaces will be easier to maintain and will even stay cleaner in-between washes.

Next, the Muc-Off Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth, which contains an amazing ‘split-fibre’ technology that vastly increases surface area absorbency, eliminating smears or blemishes.

The Muc-Off Team SKY Hydrodynamic Chain Lube 50ml provides pro-level lubrication in a neat and easy-to-use pipette system bottle. Developed in conjunction with Team Sky, the world-class team demanded an easy-to-apply, durable and high-performing lubricant. Muc-Off duly delivered.

Whether tackling the mountains in a sportive or getting muddy at a cyclocross race, the lube offers exceptional performance on the wet and damp or dry and dusty roads and tracks.

Claimed to be the most efficient chain lubricant for long-distance riding and for the most extreme of weathers, the lube is also eco-safe as it uses a petroleum-free formula.

Simple to apply to the chain using the mess-free pipette design, the synthetic polymers are designed for long days in the saddle and the carefully formulated lubricant is sure to provide crisp and fast shifting whatever the terrain or weather. A UV torch is also supplied, this will highlight any links of your chain that may have been missed in the lubing process, ensuring even coverage across the whole chain.


  • Includes: Silicone Shine Spray 500ml, fibre polishing cloth, Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube 50ml
  • Silicone Shine: Leaves a sparkling shine on all metal, carbon, rubber and plastic parts
  • Ideal for use on off-road mudguards to reduce dirt build up
  • Effortless application - leaves a dry, long lasting shine
  • Restores colour and shine to all parts
  • Colourless, non staining formula
  • Instant friction reducer
  • Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth: Cutting edge moisture absorption technology
  • Split-fibre technology
  • Machine washable
  • Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube: Provides the ultimate performance in both wet & damp or dry & dusty conditions
  • Synthetic polymers for long distance performance
  • Incredible durability
  • Pipette system for easy application
  • Supplied with UV torch to see exactly where lube has been applied

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