OOFOS Ooriginal Recovery Sandals

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Reinvigorate your feet after a tough session or a long day of standing, with the OOFOS Ooriginal Recovery Sandals.

Innovative OOfoam absorbs more shock and the sandals cradle your arch for more natural movement. The toe post is soft and moulds to shape, while the featherweight provides a 'floating' feeling.

OOFOS Ooriginal Recovery Sandals

Rather than providing the rebound and energy return of traditional sports shoes, the OOFOS Ooriginal Recovery Sandals actually absorb shock, making them perfect post-exercise or after a long day of standing or walking. The 37% improved absorption reduces stresses on the feet, giving them a chance to recover properly.

These sandals will cradle your arches and take the pressure off your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back, all areas that are prone to soreness after running or cycling. Natural foot motion is encouraged by the biomechanically designed footbed that flexes with your foot as well as with the ground.

Offering supreme comfort, the soft toe post eliminates chafing, and the OOfoam holds it cushioning well, increasing the longevity. Highly resistant to bacteria and moisture, you needn't worry about the build-up of odours, and when the sandals need cleaning they are safe to machine wash.


  • OOfoam: Absorbs 37% more shock than other materials
  • Reduces stress on sore feet, knees and lower back
  • Cradles your arches
  • Biomechanically designed footbed allows natural motion
  • Soft, conforming toe post eliminates toe chafing
  • Shower/beach-ready — moisture and bacteria resistant; doesn’t retain smell
  • Durable OOfoam holds its cushion
  • Machine washable
  • So light they float

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