OTE 30g Energy Chew

30g Energy Chew

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OTE Energy Chew

OTE's great-tasting, carbohydrate energy chew delivers 23g of carbohydrates with added electrolytes. This new Energy Chew is easy to eat and digest; a great way of taking carbohydrates on board during exercise. Each chew is light and refreshing, naturally flavoured, and free from artificial sweeteners and colours. The OTE Energy Chew comes as one bar, but can be easily split into three individual chews containing 7g of carbs.

The OTE energy chew has been developed for use in most sports or physical activity where taking carbohydrates on board for energy is important for maintaining performance. They can be used before or during exercise to give you that extra energy boost, and provide a great taste and texture that makes them super easy to use. They should be used as part of your normal fuelling and hydration plan during cycling, running or swimming. They are ideal for use during long endurance events or high intensity workouts, when quick carbohydrate absorption is necessary.

The OTE energy chew makes a great alternative to energy gels or energy drinks, or can be used alongside them to provide more variation to a fuelling strategy.


  • 23g of Carbohydrate per Energy Chew
  • Balanced Electrolytes
  • Naturally flavoured with real fruit juice concentrate
  • Free from artificial sweeteners or colours
  • Gluten Free

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