Oakley Aro3 MIPS Helmet

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Engineered to help deliver you to the top of climbs in lightning speed, the Oakley Aro3 MIPS Helmet will keep you cool so you can push hard for longer.

The MIPS® Brain Protection System ensures the highest levels of protection in the event of an angled impact and a BOA® FS1-1 system ensures you get the perfect fit every ride, with a soft, flexible feel.

Oakley Aro3 MIPS Helmet

Best known for their glasses range, featuring innovative designs and technology, Oakley has launched a range of premium road racing helmets so you can complete your look. On long climbs in the blistering heat, the features of the Aro3 MIPS Helmet will help to keep you cool and comfortable, so you can focus fully on your performance. This helmet comes in a range of colours to match your bike and kit.

Safety is the most important factor when choosing a helmet and the MIPS Brain Protection system features in this range, offering you the highest levels of protection in case the worst should happen. A low friction layer is placed between the shell and the inner liner and slides relative to the head if an angled impact occurs. Angled impacts can significantly increase the risk of both minor and severe head injuries and this liner limits the risk by reducing rotational motion.

An optimised ventilation system with large, cooling vents keeps the air flowing over your head to cool you down and keep you feeling fresh, regardless of how hard you are working. The helmet uses a BOA® FS1-1 360-degree fit system in which a dial is used to tension a soft, flexible and thin lace that lies against your head inside the helmet. The benefit of this system is a custom fit and reduced pressure on the temples. Parts are easy to obtain if damage occurs. With seamless optics integration, when you want to remove your glasses, the eyewear dock allows you to securely store them until they're required once again.


  • MIPS® Brain Protection system
  • BOA® FS1-1 360-degree fit system
  • EPS protective foam
  • Optimised ventilation
  • X-STATIC® brow pad
  • Integrated eyewear dock
Please note: Unless otherwise stated, all bicycle helmets sold on SigmaSports.com are certified with a European CE EN1078 standard. Specific countries may have their own certification, which is legally required. Please check your specific country requirements.

Oakley Aro3 MIPS Helmet Sizing

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