Oakley DRT3 Trail ICE Mips MTB Helmet

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Oakley DRT3 Trail ICE Mips MTB Helmet 

A confidence-building MTB helmet, the Oakley DRT3 Trail ICE Mips combines comfort and safety features so you can test your limits and head out onto a range of trails. Limiting the risk of mild or more severe brain injury in the event of a crash, Mips® absorbs and disperses impacts from rotational forces. An extra feature on the ICE model is a twICEme® Medical ID NFC chip. This allows you to store medical information and emergency contacts so first responders have exactly what they need to help you in the event of an incident. 

Ventilation is excellent, with sixteen vents allowing excess heat to escape and two grill vents directing cool fresh air to the forehead to help you cool down fast, and to prevent fogging of eyewear. In addition to this, the Ionic+™ liner is antimicrobial and a Silicone gel Sweat Guard collects and clears sweat from the forehead. 

An almost customised, stable fit is possible thanks to the 360° fit system, while a rubberised dial allows plenty of micro-adjustment. 

Unobtainium® grippers in the front vents mean you can remove and securely store eyewear, and the adjustable visor has four positions to work with. 


  • Oakley DRT3 Trail Mips Helmet
  • Helmet Travel Bag 
  • Oakley Decal 


  • Mips® safety system is designed for added safety against a variety of accidents, helping to reduce the harmful forces
  • twICEme® Medical ID NFC chip is located on the back side of the helmet. Store your vital medical info and emergency contacts within the helmet so first responders can instantly get the information they need when time matters most
  • Sixteen vents help hot air escape
  • Two large front grill vents direct fresh air to the rider's forehead to enhance cooling and help reduce eyewear fogging
  • Ionic+™ antimicrobial liner is sweat-activated, keeping things fresh, and odour under control
  • Silicone gel Sweat Guard helps collect and divert sweat from the forehead
  • Textile padding adds more touch-points to enhance overall comfort
  • 360° fit system incorporates a height-adjustable, extra-wide yoke for a comfortable, customised and stable fit
  • Rubberised micro adjustment dial secures the fit
  • Front vents with Unobtainium® grippers double up as eyewear storage
  • Adjustable visor features four points of adjustability
  • DRT3 Trail features a branding badge with an Iridium® coating, mirroring the Prizm™ lens colors seen in Oakley eyewear. Each badge colour is unique to the colour of the helmet

Oakley DRT3 Trail ICE Mips MTB Helmet Sizing

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