Oakley Sphaera Sunglasses

Sphaera Sunglasses

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Oakley Sphaera Sunglasses

Inroducing the Oakley Sphaera Sunglasses, the latest design from Oakley have been inspired from feedback provided by professional athletes across various sports. The Sphaera's have been meticulously crafted to meet all the essential needs of the athlete, while eliminating unnecessary features.

Sphaera offers a seamless aesthetic combined with optimized retention, comfort, and an expansive field of vison. This efficient product instills supreme confidence by minimizing distractions. Its design aesthetic is influenced by the curves and shapes found in the Brave New World.

Adding a modern and elegant option to Oakley's extensive lineup of high-performance sport models, Sphaera is poised to become one of the top choices in the 2024 Olympics. It features an Asia-friendly design and includes multiple nose pads for personalized comfort.


  • Optimized coverage and periphery FOV
  • +11% surface area vs Radar EV
  • EV brow: optimized FOV
  • +24% nose to brow vs Radar EV
  • Optimized for head force and retention
  • Large vent port enables airflow
  • O Matter™ brow with optimized flex
  • O Matter™ stem with optimized flex
  • Unobtanium® earsocks
  • Internal sock through stem helps grip to hats and helmets
  • Radar style ligature Nosepads: 2 sizes
  • 6x4 Toric Lens

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