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Orca 3.8 Fullsleeve Wetsuit

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3.8 Fullsleeve Wetsuit

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Perfect for swimmers and triathletes requiring extra buoyancy, the Orca 3.8 Fullsleeve Wetsuit uses the Core Lateral Stabiliser system, an extended Exolift front panel and Aerodome 2 panel from the lower back to the calf, and provides the highest buoyancy of any Orca wetsuit.

Core Lateral Stabiliser (CLS) panels are used to ensure the ideal body position in the water and increased speed.

Orca 3.8 Fullsleeve Wetsuit

The Orca 3.8 Fullsleeve Wetsuit is ideal for swimmers and triathletes who need the highest level of buoyancy that can be achieved, and consequently, this results in increased speed through the water. Yamamoto high performance 40cell neoprene is used with 1.5mm panels on the shoulders and underarms providing the highest levels of flexibility available.

The new Core Lateral Stabiliser system assists in body alignment by acting like a flotation device; 5mm Exo-Cell side panels and a 4mm Exo-Lift front panel restrict lateral movement while allowing the body to roll. The body, therefore, becomes more streamlined and fatigues less rapidly. A Super Composite Skin (SCS) coats the neoprene to reduce friction and drag. Sleek HydroLite panels ensure faster transitions and absorb less water, contributing to the buoyancy of the wetsuit.

Aerodome 2 panels, containing hundreds of air cavities, are placed around the heaviest parts of the body, lifting the body into an optimal position and contributing to the 30% increase in buoyancy over normal neoprene. On the inside of the wetsuit, Orca's unique high-stretch nylon InfinitySkin lining is integral to the flexibility of the suit and is placed where stretch is needed most for the most dynamic swim stroke.


  • Yamamoto 40cell neoprene
  • Core Lateral Stabiliser system for body alignment assistance
  • Aerodome panels to increase buoyancy
  • Sleek Hydrolite panels make for fast transitions
  • Flexible InfinitySkin lining
  • Less friction and more speed achieved through the Super Composite Skin (SCS) coating

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