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Orca Core Swimrun Kick Pant

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The Orca Core Swimrun Kick Pant has been developed to meet the demands of the best swimrun athletes at the top of this growing sport.

For unrestricted movement in and out of the water, Orca has employed a multi-fabric construction, providing great buoyancy and flexibility. Ideally used in warm weather conditions, a velcro fastening system allows the top (not included) to be fastened to the kick pant when required for secure wetsuit performance.

Orca Core Swimrun Kick Pant

Designed for racing in the warmest swimrun competitions, the Orca Core Womens Swimrun Kick Pant is the bottom element of a 2-piece wetsuit system. The key benefit of this modular system is its flexibility, allowing different size tops and bottoms to be worn in combination for the perfect fit.

Swimrun competitions are growing in their popularity, which is why Orca has produced the Core Swimrun, with a host of features specifically designed to meet the exact needs of the athletes who enjoy the sport.

A multi-fabric construction provides a 2mm 38 cell waistband for snug comfort with an anti-abrasion DuraSkin 3mm 39 cell neoprene butt panel and Stretch fabric front for flexibility and unrestricted movement. With improved buoyancy to aid swimming, the pants are also flexible and non-restrictive in the running sections.

If the athlete is required to carry a mandatory race GPS device, it can be stored in the outer short pocket, making the garment perfect for race day.

Please note: Top pictured not included.


  • Bottom part of the modular 2-piece Swimrun Core wetsuit
  • Warm weather Swimrun specific garment
  • Multi-fabric construction
  • Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene for flexibility and unrestricted movement
  • Extra buoyant
  • Anti-abrasion DuraSkin butt panel
  • Outer pocket for carrying race essentials
  • Velcro to keep top fastened to kick pant

Orca Core Swimrun Kick Pant Sizing

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